Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grandparent's Day at school

Just before Anna's school let out for Thanksgiving break, they celebrated Grandparents Day.  What a treat it was for Anna to have our dear friends Scott and A.J. come as "adopted" grandparents!  Thanks guys...we love you!   Anna was also presented with nice cards from Boppa and Meema wintering in Arizona and Memaw Rita in Texas.  It was a delightful day for all and a nice way to kick off the holiday break! 

Anna reads her grandparent's poem to Scott.

Anna shows A.J. her turkey in disguise - Bronco's quarterback Tim Tebow

Anna gets to read her "interview" questions to the class on her teacher's "rock star" microphone!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

A couple of days ago, on 11/10/11, I (Jo) turned 1 year old!!  Exactly a year ago I received my stem cell/bone marrow transplant at M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX.  For transplant patients that day becomes your new "birthday".  My donor, my brother Eddie, is my hero as he literally saved my life!  I am doing well but still recovering.  I guess it just takes time.  Maybe I'm learning patience!  I still take medications to make sure Eddie's stem cells and my body don't "fight" too much and to protect me from infections.  As of now my bone marrow is 77% Eddie and the rest something else...I guess me.  The goal is to eventually be 100% Eddie...minus the facial hair!  I guess that will require more patience!  But, what stands out to me is how quickly the past year has gone and how blessed we have all been!!  Thank you Lord!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!!

Well, Halloween weekend was great fun.  The snow let up a day or two so I was able to get my Halloween decorations up just in time!

Anna's prize pumpkin from the Big Pumpkin Little Pumpkin Fun Run was finally carved.  It took all of us to get it done with Tim almost loosing a finger (grin).

 We joined our good friends John and Deborah for a delightful costume party.  I haven't worn that much make-up in a loooong time!

And the grand finale of the weekend...Trick or Treating!  Anna dressed as a "Jazzy Cat" wearing last year's jazz dance recital costume and a few extra accessories.  I feel a little guilty about putting false eyelashes on my 6 year old, but she was pretty "jazzed" about it!  Several of our friends come over with their kids, we had a pot-luck dinner and the kids went around the neighbor to collect their loot...what fun!  I will add some group shots later...