Sunday, June 10, 2012

Triathlon, Dance Recital, Ice Skating Competion...whew!

As the old saying goes, when it rains it pours!  The past week has been filled with activities!  Anna had her second triathlon of the season.  She placed 5th over-all in the 6-8 year old girls division and had the #1 fastest bike time of all the all the 6-8 year old girls....and boys!  She did great in her dance rectital for Ballet and Tap.  We celebrated good math and reading scores with her first ever chocolate dipped cone...she ate the whole thing!  Then, to top it all off she did 2 routines in an ice skating competition this morning.  She placed 1st in both routines...but there was noone else in her division!  Still, she was thrilled to get two blue ribbons and we are all thrilled that summer vacation has finally begun!  Whew!!