Saturday, February 4, 2012

Still snowing!!

40 hours of non-stop snow and it's still falling!  Tim and Anna are shoveling again.  The mountain keeps growing in our front yard.  I guess cooking on our out-door grill is out of the question!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Day - No School!

It started snowing last night around 5 pm and is still going strong 24 hours later!  So far I'd say we have around a foot and half of snow!  Of course, Anna had no school, so she helped Tim shovel the driveway into a big sledding hill in our front yard.  I, of course, wisely stayed inside by fireplace!

Our trip to Disney!

While we were in Orlando in January, we had a fun day at Epcot.  Anna had been there with the triplets the year before, so she acted as our tour guide...very cute!  We rode all the rides...some more than once and met some very special Disney characters the next morning at breakfast!

What a beautiful day to be at Epcot!
Anna is a great photographer!

We met Disney's newest character - Duffy Bear!
Anna had a little chat with Alice!
They posed...
Oh, no!  Where is Anna???
We walked and walked and walked...

...and found the highlight of Anna's day - face painting!

Anna spent her own money on a special "Pluto" hat!
At a Luau-themed breakfast the next morning, we met Pluto himself and he signed Anna's hat!

She got Mickey Mouse's autograph too!

Anna met Lilo...
...and Stitch!
But, Anna's favorite moments were just before we left for the airport - a run on the beach!
And some quiet time with Daddy!
For us, it was almost like a second honeymoon!
It was a perfect weekend!