Friday, September 23, 2011

What an adventure!

After spending 9 months in Houston, Texas for Jo's stem cell transplant we returned home this summer. Anna had a wonderful time living with the triplets and occasionally asks when she gets to go back for another year! Jo is doing well and is continuing to recover. Coming back home was both wonderful and strange after being gone for so long. We have been so blessed and are very thankful! Jo is especially thankful that her hair is growing back! But, the best part is having our family all back together again! Tim has put me (Jo) in charge of this family blog. So, forgive me if my writing is not witty as his but I promise to do my best. This blog will follow Tim, Jo and Anna's family happenings and adventures. Ok, so, yes, mostly Anna if the truth be told! So, stay tuned for pictures and updates!