Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rapid City weekend!

The Black Hills Dance Festival was awesome! We saw Mt. Rushmore. Great memories!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Meema and Boppa!

What a great weekend we had with Meema and Boppa! Anna had been counting the days until they arrived! They brought lots of goodies for Anna including an "Anna-versary" cake from their trip and a new stuffed teddy bear. Anna named him Teddy Szymanski and introduced him to "Fred". Fred (the well-loved red bear in the photos) was Tim's favorite companion from his childhood. Saturday afternoon Anna did a little rollerblading. After church on Sunday we had fun watching Anna's swim practice with Kids That TRI. We visited Szymanski Road, saw John and Paula (friend/patient at Md Anderson) and made a quick, windy stop at Daniel's Park. Sunday night we had a great meal at our favorite Chinese restaurant -Little Holly's. Anna ate a whole plate of shrimp all by herself! The hard part was saying goodbye as they left on Monday morning! Sniff, sniff. We miss them already!!